Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fulbourn Mill - official launch!

Although Fulbourn Mill has been going for about a month now, I'd like to welcome you to our official launch.

This is the blog of The Mill, a magazine published by St Vigor's Church for the service of the people of Fulbourn. It's not primarily an ecclesiastical magazine, but rather reflects the mission of St Vigor's to "work together to be a Christian community of worship, welcome and care". As well as some fun, interesting local titbits and even the odd bit of music, I hope you'll find that Fulbourn Mill reflects that mission.

But what if you're not from Fulbourn? If you're interested in the daily life of an English village, or find in our times a release from a life of 24/7 pressure - or have links to Cambridge and its environs - then you might like to spend a couple of minutes with us every so often.

See you soon!

Image attribution: NASA, Saturn V/Apollo 11 on the launchpad, very slightly Photoshopped.

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