Monday, 5 July 2010

spring of hope

Earlier this year, in March, it was good to be sent a photo-update of a charity that's held a couple of coffee-mornings in our local church resource centre and shop, Twelve: the Spring of Hope foundation (part of the Youth with a Mission group) which helps disabled children in Uganda - much are in their clinic in Wabwoko, which is in the Kayunga District of Uganda, shaded orange in the map to the left. I'd like to share some of these photos with you, with the original comments. If you click any of the pictures below, it'll take you to a related site.

click to go to Mulago Hospital website

Emily (volunteer) and Victor (OT student ) on a home visit!! Feb 2010, we saw our first Uganda OT students come from Mulago training hospital!!

click to read about Spring of Hope's New Steps deaf school and World Deaf Awareness Week

Our deaf children from both schools were able to visit the zoo in Entebbe thanks to Roxy fundraising!!
22nd Feb 2010

click to go to the Spring of Hope page on Facebook We bought our 2nd bike, after a previous volunteer Melanie fundraised. Moses is now out and about in the community. Children in Wabwoko are at last receiving weekly home visits!! Bought Feb. 11th!!
click to read Counting Pills for Clinic on the Spring of Hope blog

Carolyn(volunteer) and Moses counting medications at the end of a very busy clinic,. At this clinic in Wabwoko we received 96 epileptic patients!! Feb 12th!!

click to read about Adia on the Spring of Hope blog

Children and parents at the clinic in Wabwoko. Feb 12th!!

The last pic really struck a chord with me because I remember the sense of wonder and getting bigger exuded by both my children when they started school, something I think one can see on the face of little Zachariah as he starts on his own incredible journey of education, thanks to Spring of Hope.

Zachariah's first day aat school - click to read more about Spring of Hope and how you can help

Frugal Dougal

Spring of hope: click to go to homepage

Click here to go to the Spring of Hope blog

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