Wednesday, 25 August 2010

blue bins coming to South Cambridgeshire

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Households across South Cambridgeshire will be taking delivery of their new blue bin between 31 August and 6 October. The blue bin will replace the green box scheme and be an easier and cheaper way of collecting dry recyclables. Collections will take effect from Monday 11 October.

Improvements to the recycling service take on board the comments of residents who want to be able to recycle a greater range of materials in a single, larger, easier to use container. The new blue bin will enable households to recycle up to 90% of their rubbish, meaning less waste will go to costly and ever-decreasing landfill.

The new service will also prove a more cost-effective way of collecting and recycling waste with an estimated saving of £400,000 by the third full year of operation.

On delivery, residents are asked to be aware that the blue bin lids may not close properly due to the way in which they were stacked for storage. The lid should settle after a week or so.

The blue bin will be for the dry recyclables that residents currently place in their green boxes, including plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, and food and drinks cans, as well as new materials, including plastic pots, tubs, trays, film (e.g. carrier bags and clean food wrapping) and cartons (e.g. tetra packs). Residents will also now be asked to place cardboard in the blue bin for recycling, instead of in the green bin for composting. Items must be placed loose in the blue bin (not in plastic bin bags or other containers) and should be rinsed to remove any risk of food contamination.

The blue bin will come with an inner caddy specially designed to keep paper (which includes magazines, directories, envelopes and junk mail) separate from the rest of the recycling. This is because paper is more valuable when it is kept separate. Residents are asked to keep the caddy in the blue bin as it prevents people from heavy lifting and does not need to be removed.

The blue bin will be delivered with an information pack, which will be placed in the caddy, giving residents all the information they need about the new recycling service. In the pack residents will find a battery bag for recycling domestic batteries. This will need to be put out for collection with the blue bin and will be replaced each time it is used. There will be clear instructions on the bag to demonstrate how it needs to be attached to the bin.

If residents successfully manage to fill their blue bin, excess dry recyclables will be collected when placed in a returnable container and left alongside the bin. Similarly, excess paper will be collected when kept separate and left in a returnable container alongside the blue bin.

The green bin will continue to be used for garden and food waste. Residents are asked not to put cardboard and paper in the green bin any longer and to put this in the blue bin for recycling instead. The black bin will now only be for waste that cannot be recycled or composted. Excess black and green bin material cannot be collected. Residents are asked to take it to the recycling centre at Milton or Thriplow.

Cllr Sue Ellington with Blue Bin - click to enlargePortfolio holder for environmental services Cllr Sue Ellington said, “We hope that residents will be pleased with the improvements to their recycling service and that they will embrace the opportunity to recycle as much as possible. The idea is that the blue bin will become the main household bin with little non-recyclable and non-compostable material left for the black bin and, subsequently, landfill.

“We are very proud to have one of the best recycling rates in the country and are keen to continue to listen to and work with residents to better our record further.”

The majority of residents will not experience a change to their collection day. The only residents that will see a minor change are those in Toft, who will receive the necessary information before their first collection. There may, however, be a small change to the time of some collections so residents are reminded to ensure their bins are out by 7am on their designated day of collection.

Residents are welcome to keep their green boxes if they have a use for them. For those residents not wanting to keep them, there will be drop off points at Tesco Fulbourn, Morrisons Cambourne, Tesco Bar Hill or Tesco Milton where they will be picked up and sent for recycling.

For more information residents are asked to visit SCDC's Blue Bin Site or to call 03450 450 063. Please also call this number if you haven't received your blue bin by blue bin by Wednesday 6 October.
Anna Efford
Communications Officer
South Cambridgeshire District Council

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