Saturday, 18 September 2010

in pictures: Fulbourn Gardening Society Annual Show


For some reason gardening shows tend to be referred to as "flower shows" - and with good reason, as the pic above shows. However, Fulbourn Gerdening Society Annual Show is one of the major events of the village's year, and I hope the following photos will give you some idea why.

There were a whopping 410 entries for this year's show, and below you can see just some of the amazing garden produce that was on show.

garden produce

The Gardening Society has worked closely with Fulbourn Primary School, and here Mrs Lorna Carr literally shows the fruits of their collaboration as she takes home a prize-winning marrow grown by the school's GArdening Club in order to give it back to them on Monday.

Lorna Carr with Fulbourn Primary School's prize-winning marrow

One of the members of the Gardening Society who have input into the school's gardening club is George Jackson; below is one of the entries which earned him tseveral prizes, among them the RHS Banksian Medal, awarded to him by Vice-President Stan Hardwick.

prize-winning veg

Going beyond what we usually think of as garden produce, Mr Mervyn Leak won forst prize for this Orocereus Trolli, more commonly known as Old Man of the Mountains:

old man of the mountains

And, going beyond plants, jams were of course present. Just add Jerusalem!


Showing how widely the Gardening Society's Annual Show ranges, Anna Hands won third prize for this painting:

Anna Hands with prize-winning painting

Now a family trio - Julia Dorrian holds her prize-winning cob loaf, while eggs from her sister's hens also scooped an award...

prize-winning sisters' cob loaf and eggs

...while their mother Marie Dorrian shows her drawing, which took second prize.

Marie Dorrian and drawing

All in all, the Fulbourn Gardening Society is due a vote of thanks for all their hard work, resulting in a great day for all concerned. As the look on these chaps' faces seems to show!

veggie men


  1. Thanks to all those who keep this wonderful village event alive and definitely kicking!
    410 entries!
    Well done to Ed....

  2. I have never seen "Old man of the mountains." It looks quite interesting. Looks like a fun time; wish I could have been there!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous, there are certainly a lot of people who give their volunteered time to keeping the Gardening Show going, and they do it all for the benefit of the village!

    Linda - great to see you over here! It certainly was a fun time and there were loads of other interesting photos I could have put up, but I didn't want to make the post too unwieldy.