Friday, 17 September 2010

O come all ye bibliophiles

Twelve - church resource centre and bookshop

A kind donor has donated a collection of Alistair MacLean's first 20 novels to Twelve, St Vigor's church resource centre and bookshop on Fulbourn High Street.

collection of 20 hardback Alistair MacLean novels

The handsomely-bound collection, pictured above (bookended by Fair Trade birdhouses), starts with 1955's HMS Ulysses, based on the author's experiences in the Royal Navy, and finishes with 1976's The Golden Gate, marking his most prolific period. Included are all his most famous novels, including three which were made into war films - The Guns of Navarone (starring Gregory Peck, David Niven and Anthony Quinn), Where Eagles Dare (with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood) and Force Ten from Navarone (featuring Harrison Ford). You'll also find the eerily prescient biological warfare thriller The Satan Bug, which, when filmed, joined the previous three in having MacLean on the screenwriting team.

It's not all about filoms, though; visit (or revisit) MacLean's other works, such as Caravan to Vaccarès, about which the reviewer linked to comments: "why can't they make action-packed books like this one anymore?"

Hardbacks are usually £1.50 each, but as a special offer we're willing to let the full set of 20 go for £20 or nearest offer. Come into Twelve and check them out; or if you live further afield, email for further enquiries.

Puddle Lane books

Also in - do you remember learning to read - or helping children learn to read - with Ladybird books? We've got 22 Puddle Lane books from the 1980s, written by Shiela McCullagh to tie in with the TV series of the same name. Our small children's books are 50p each.

Twelve is situated at 15 High Street in Fulbourn (CB21 5DH), just round the corner from Pierce Lane - just to the left of the "A" in this Google Map. Hope to see you soon!

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