Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bible Sunday

In Great Wilbraham, every month, there's an Xpressions Service that has something for all the family - model-making, dramatic interpretation of Gospel readings, Bible study, etc - so that I'm almost persuaded to forgive the sin against the English language.

This month's service was the last for our Rector, Revd Rhiannon Jones, who is going to work for tclick to go to Transforming Churchhe Transforming Church project in the Diocese of Birmingham. So there were a lot of poignant moments, capped off with extemporised prayer for our departing friend, and a three-cheers (plus one for luck!)

Today, as Rhiannon reminded us, is also Bible Sunday. She distributed a leaflet connected with the occasion, and heartily recommended its reading.

The power and richness of the King James Bible's language is such that Richard Dawkins, for Pete's sake, pays tribute to it in The God Delusion. Even coming from a Roman Catholic background I feel that the translation is as comforting as a trusted old friend, although obviously there are other versions (I love to read the New Jerusalem Study Bible).

Below is an illustration from the Bible Sunday leaflet, with each graphic connected to its respective home page - I hope you enjoy exploring the links.

And Rhiannon, in the words of an old Scottish blessing, may the best you've ever seen be the worst you'll ever see.

click to go to the King James Bible Trustclick to go to Biblefreshclick to go to the Bible Societyclick to go to Grow with the Bible

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