Monday, 11 October 2010

ah, the cheese, the cheese...

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Watching the BBC2 documentary Horizon's What happened before the big bang? we were told that scientists plumbing this mystery are "men and women who defend their theories as passionately as any priest". The narrator may have been involving them in a debate they did not seek, as none of them produced any pro-faith or anti-faith opinions.

However, I was interested to hear one scientist, Professor Sergei Linde, wax lyrical to the effect that "the universe appeared out of the cheese of eternal inflation".

I must produce that one the next time somebody makes fun of the five proofs or the watchmaker, etc. Right, I'm off, saw some angels dancing on the head of a pin just there; one, two...


  1. Universe began because nothing does not exist

  2. Good point, Matthew - and an interesting blog!