Sunday, 24 October 2010

jam today...

click to go to minutes of the Linton Neighbourbood Policing Panel
Traffic issues in Fulbourn High Street have been an issue of late - as is represented in the minutes of the latest Linton Neighbourhood Policing Panel (which includes Fulbourn) - so the jam represented in the photo above might reopen the debate about the quality of parking on the thoroughfare, as well as the wisdom of having buses travelling in both directions through the relatively narrow street. This photo was taken at 3.30pm on Friday October 22 and shows a number 17 and a Citi1 bus jammed in the centre of Fulbourn - and what you can't see is that there was a school bus trapped behind, although thankfully the impasse lasted less than 5 minutes.

However, what you also can't see is that the problem was a car parked right on the corner of the High Street and Pierce Lane (behind the grey one, which caused no problems). It didn't take too long to locate the driver, who got out of the way.

But what if the driver hadn't been around?

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