Saturday, 4 December 2010

warmth in the chill: Fulbourn gets ready for Christmas

Although conditions in Fulbourn and Cambridge in general aren't quite Arctic (touch wood), it was still cold enough for gloves and shivers when local electrician Julian Mair, second from the left, and his co-workers donated their time to put Christmas lights on the Copper Beech tree by the village sign.

Julian Mair and friends

The sign, erected for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, found itself adorned as well!

a merry Christmas village sign!

The cold was vanquished by warm cheer when butcher Michael Beaumont opened his shop for a free tasting session, as I think the smiles show.

smiles at the butcher's - click to find out more

Here's Michael - past president of both the Cambridge and District Master Butchers' Association and the National Federation of Meat & Food Traders - with some of his Christmas produce. Do you remember when most butchers' shops looked like this?

Michael Beaumont with turkey - click to find out more

St Vigor's is looking particularly festive, but once you're inside it you realise why former Rector Rhiannon Jones ordered blankets!

St Vigor's - click for website

In the churchyard, sometimes referred to as "God's Acre", a deciduous tree is defiantly holding onto its autumn leaves as if trying to compete with the evergreens, including the yew that stands guard over many English yards.

God's Acre in the snow

However, at the end of the day, it gave a warm glow that melted evening's chill to see that the lights erected by Julian and friends were working just fine!

Fulbourn Christmas lights

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