Wednesday, 8 December 2010

thank you

Having had such a daft accident that I could kick myself - mistaking the top of our stairs for the entrance to the bedroom - I'd like to send out some heartfelt thanks to those who treated me.

scoopFirst of all, to the paramedics and technician of the East of England Ambulance Service, who managed to carry my less-than-insubstantial form down a narrow stairway on a scoop - a cross between a back-board and a stretcher - and did so with good humour throughout. That would have been enough, but they were very reassuring to me and my wife during the ambulance trip. I think I impressed them by not being sick.

When we got to Addenbrooke's ED (Accident and Emergency in old money), the hospital lived up to its reputation for high standards even in a department that can become busier than imaginable in seconds. The nurse who cut off my hair above the cuts (in my concussion I'd prevented the Missus from calling 999 for far too long and clots and hair were basically fused) kept talking to and distracting me and also kept my wife in the loop, despite having to maintain a difficult position at the back of the head-restrainer. After I'd been stitched, a Nursing Assistant took advantage of a quiet spell to clip the rest of my barnet down so I didn't look like a monk with hair-pulling issues. It was a really nice touch that I much appreciated.

I don't wish to leave out the doctor, who I'm sure was very professional, although it's hard to appreciate this when you're having a needle pushed through your scalp. What I'm trying to say is that what impressed me so much were the little kindnesses that can't be counted, ticked off or measured in any other way. I'd like to thank all the ambulance and hospital staff who looked after me.

And to promise my wife that I'll use the landing-light for nocturnal trips to the toilet from now on...


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