Wednesday, 5 January 2011

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click to go to Magpas' homepageRecently, I was pleased to be able to tell you about a Race Night on Saturday 12 February that's being put on by Fulbourn Institute Football Club, who will be sharing the proceeds with Magpas, the Emergency Medical Charity.

Why not take a minute (literally) to look at this video and get a better idea of the amazing job that Magpas do?

Here's a message from MAGPAS' Antonia Brickell:

Magpas Helimedix Saves Lives

Imagine the scene of an emergency incident anywhere in the East of England. A loved one is seriously ill, injured or trapped and the Ambulance Crew is asking for medical support. That’s where Magpas Helimedix comes in, giving critical on the spot emergency care. We have over fifty highly qualified medical professionals, who volunteer their time to work with Magpas. We get there by car or by helicopter, we'll get there anyway we can! We're also THE ONLY dedicated night time air ambulance with doctors in the country (flying with the police helicopter).

helimedix: click to find out moreBut we need help. As a charity, Magpas is solely reliant on donations. Without your support there will be no Magpas! We are busier than ever, going further afield than ever before and our fundraising hasn't increased at a fast enough rate to cover the expansion of our service.

If things don't change Magpas will have to close in February. If this happens Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and the whole country will lose the only dedicated night time air ambulance with doctors, together with the UK's best critical care. Our operational costs break down to £50,000.00 per month.

Our website is:

You can help us save the next life.

Thank you.

Antonia Brickell
Communications Coordinator

click to go to Magpas homepage

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