Wednesday, 19 January 2011

saving Fulbourn's swifts and more

saving the swiftsA final reminder for the talk by Ron Mungovan, the SCDC Ecology Officer, Saving the Fulbourn Swifts and more...., which is on Tuesday 25 January starting at 7.45pm in The Swifts Meeting Room, Haggis Gap.

Refreshments will be available after the talk with plenty of time for questions. We all appreciate the magic of the swifts circling above our village in the summer months, so this ongoing project certainly merits our support. It is hoped that the Windmill Estate will continue to have the largest colony of swifts in East Anglia. Free entry, but a small voluntary donation towards the cost of the room hire will be much appreciated.

David Cottee
Fulbourn Forum for Community Action

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