Monday, 14 February 2011

news from Fulbourn Health Centre

Patient confidentiality is at the heart of the work we do at the Practice and we do everything possible to ensure that we protect this at all times.

It was recently brought to our attention that a foreign-sounding lady had been calling people and giving the impression that she was calling from, or on behalf of, Fulbourn Health Centre. The caller was trying to sell tablets and offered a cure for arthritis and pomegranate tablets. The caller sounded plausible, gave her name, a contact phone number and a product licence number for the tablets. She offered a discount and asked for bank account details to facilitate payment. We informed the Police as soon as this was brought to our attention and will let them know if we become aware of any similar calls.

Please be assured that

  • We never authorise commercial companies to call patients on our behalf.

  • We do not give out any patient information unless it is appropriate to do so, and we always verify who is asking for the information first, such as a hospital clinic.

  • When we speak to a patient by phone, all staff identify themselves. Please call us back if you want to check that a caller is genuine and use the published numbers in the Practice leaflet or the phone directory. We never use other numbers for patients to contact us.

  • We are governed by strict rules relating to the handling of all patient data, whether on paper, computer or by fax and phone. All staff receive training in this area and sign a confidentiality agreement on joining the Practice.

We are always willing to discuss such matters if you would like further clarification.

    Gill Cummins
    Office Manager
    Fulbourn Health Centre

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