Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011 day 5: to Skegness

I was unwell this morning and unable to accompany Mrs Ed and Edweenie to Skegness proper. This made me sad, as the resort had been one of the places we'd went to on day-trips that had substituted for a honeymoon.

As opposed to what we'd heard at Ingoldmelds market about shops going bankrupt, they saw only three empty shops, which - unfortunately - is what one would expect. There was a display of models made from matchsticks by Derek Johnson, in memory of his wife, Mrs Joyce (Joy) Johnson, in aid of Skegness & Lincolnshire Alzheimer's Society. They looked amazing, and I wish I'd been there to see them.

Please click here if you want to visit the Alzheimer's Society.

Back at Butlin's it's a real end-of-holiday night, with the usual squabbles about how to pack the bags and whether it was right to buy so many books. But it's been a good week, thank God. Edweenie made a friend, and they've swapped phone numbers. She wants to come bcak next year...who knows?

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