Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011: arrival

I love the Poacher Line, which runs between Grantham and Skegness. We went on it on our way to Spring Harvest, an annual Christian celebration which Butlins hosts in both its Minehead and Skegness branches.

We got from Cambridge to Ely by bus, then on a crowded East Midlands train to Grantham. The train awaiting us in Skegness was a very pleasant surprise, with comfortable seats that had lots of legroom. Could the contribution Skegness - both the resort and the Butlins - makes to the Lincolnshire economy finally have been factored in? Anyway, as the train drew out we had a great view of St Wulfram's spire, one of the tallest in England, holding court over the market tower of Grantham:

click to go to St Wulfram's website

Another magnificent tower among the many that punctuate the horizon is St Botulph's in Boston, colloquially known as Boston Stump:

click to go to St Botulph's website

And one of my favourite stations is Heckleton, with one of the windmills for which the Fens are famed behind it. I wonder if it ground wheat, or if it was put there by Cornelius Vermuyden to pump the water out and make more of the region habitable?

click to go to Heckington Parish Council

We had a meal at Skegness Morrison's, then did some shopping, as we are in a self-catering flat. Once we found the flat, one thing that I personally found disappointing was that the welcome brochure made two references to "carbon footprint": I'd hoped to have a holiday from more than work. But Spring Harvest, for some reason, always brings out the curmudgeon in me, and I'll attempt to share my grumpiness as the days pass.

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