Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011: Day 2

We have a chalet at Ocean Point in Butlins Skegness for this year's Spring Harvest. I don't know whether it's Silver or Standard, but it's literally a home from home - including ironing board and iron!

Mrs Ed went to a talk in the big top where the speaker compared living with the Bible to living with a cat, and all the cat lovers went "Awww!" Then he said that there were two ways to live with a cat, the first being to cut it up and look at its insides, at how it works. Said cat-lovers gasped. Then he added that the other way was to live with it for five, ten, fifteen years. The tension in the room relaxed somewhat, but I suspect the speaker will be getting funny looks for the duration of the retreat.

Our cat, Magus, is safe with Miss Ed, who's at home. This is the first time in the history of our family that a holiday hasn't involved all of us, and Edweenie has been in something of a reflective mood: I wonder if Miss Ed's incipient adulthood has highlighted Miss Ed's own childhood's end coming over the horizon?

Mrs Ed and I went to a talk about Christians against poverty, given by the founder's daughter. I was reminded of the time I worked in Glasgow's Bath St CAB - the original one, founded in 1939 to help people with the raft of new legislation being brought in as the war's prosecution was planned - and the Director, Vincent Chudy, told a public meeting in 1998 that he could lay his hands on evidence proving that society was configured to render individuals indebted. A huge unpaid debt materialised from Heaven knows where, and within a year the CAB's doors had been well and truly shut.

We enjoyed listening to a Dr Who Talking Book in the evening, then retired to a rather comfortable double bed.

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