Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011: Day 3

When approaching Skegness Butlins, it's difficult not to see the roller-coaster attached to Ingoldmels' Fantasy Island (above), which dominates the view to the north-west.

We walked up to Ingoldmels today, a two-mile trek, to visit the famous market. It's a big affair, not far off the size of Glasgow's Barras, and if anything seemed to be thriving compared to the last time we'd seen it two years ago. Mrs Ed, for example, found a stall selling 2 bras for £5, of the kind that had cost her £12.50 each in Cambridge.

We spoke about this to one stallholder who was selling mobile phones at knockdown prices. He explained that he was buying more bankrupt stock than ever before, and advised us to have a look at Skegness High Street - we'd need no further explanation.

Then we found a café which had a bar next door, and had a couple of drinks each - a pint of lager for me, a half for Mrs Ed, and J20 for Edweenie. I'm afraid I made some derogatory comments about the rap (or is it hop-hop?) flavoured remixes booming from the café's speakers - then a pneumatic drill started, and I had to decide which I'd preferred. We moved on. I got some gewgaws to make cufflinks with while two of the women in my life spent far too long looking in clothes-stalls - thus was it ever, I fear, although my revenge came when we found a discount store selling hardware.

Back in Butlins, we had a look at the bookstalls in the Skyline venue. In this 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible, I'd been nonplussed yesterday that there were only two KJV lines on sale, but more had now been added. I wasn't thinking of anything divisive, merely of the technical, hermeneutical and theological leaps forward that the KJV represented, which planted seeds for all denominations.

I bought a Bible for Mrs Ed and looked for something for Edweenie but, while there was precious little for teenagers, there was less still for teenage girls. I found two Christian-themed fantasy cycles, but neither had Book 1 present: could this have been managed better?

There was a workshop on managing mental illness this afternoon that I'd been interested in; but with an episode of manic-depression still making its death-struggles felt, it didn't seem the best idea. But there's still 3 days left, and God in His wisdom makes the sun to shine on the barmy as well as the sane. So who knows what might happen?

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