Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fulbourn Parish Council: gypsy/traveller access to proposed development

click to go to Fulbourn Village GuideEdited extract from Fulbourn Parish Council draft minutes for May

Due to the importance of the following matter, this additional item was included in the Fulbourn Parish Council agenda for May.

Sally Fletcher – Planning Consultant with Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) - gave Members an update of what is planned for the Ida Darwin site. Under the Local Development Framework (LDF), the site has been allocated for up to 275 houses. Mrs Fletcher explained a firm in London had been engaged to draw up a Masterplan with the eastern side for development and Open Spaces on the western side. Any surplus footprint would be put on the Fulbourn Hospital site.

The Masterplan for both sites would be submitted before the full planning application. Having met with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) Planning Officers, it had been suggested to hold a public exhibition and Mrs Fletcher was advised to ask the Parish Council for their thoughts and what they would like incorporated before the plans go too far.

When questioned about access, Members were told a full transport assessment had been done in association with the Highways Authority and CCC. Cllr Webdale was concerned with safety stating Hinton Road was not fit for purpose as two buses could not pass each other; the development would not benefit the village shops and was in the wrong location. The Cambridge Road junction would need a roundabout.

Cllr Williams felt the junction of Hinton Road/Fulbourn Old Drift would need re-modelling. Sally Fletcher said SCDC Planners had also said the site should allow for Gypsy and Travellers pitches who would need their own access. Cllr Williams said the pitches would not only take some of the footprint, but this was contrary to current planning policy. Consultation on Gypsy and Travellers sites was still taking place so in theory plans for these could not be included until 2017. The site is also in the Green Belt.

Cllr Hardwick asked who would eventually be responsible for maintenance of the Open Spaces. Members agreed more recreational facilities are needed at that end of the village as well as allotments. Concerns were raised about sewerage and drainage as Thomas Road already has problems with flooding, but again Mrs Fletcher said surveys had been done. She said the Parish Council should decide within the next six weeks what they would like to see i.e. type and size of accommodation and whether any views or the water tower should be retained. Cllr Williams also raised concerns about railway security and landscaping policy. Cllr Williams will write to SCDC Chief Executive objecting that the Planners have given instructions regarding the Gypsy and Travellers pitches, and the Parish Council will also write. The public exhibition will be held in July or August when the first plans are ready. This item will be placed on the June Agenda. The Chairman thanked Mrs Fletcher for her presentation.

Standing Orders were resumed.

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  1. Must be a given that Sally doesn't live in or near Fulbourn then. Either that or she enjoys living around 'the lovely traveller community'

  2. So if I decide to become a traveller I'll have my rights upheld and a lovely spot in the greenbelt. Couldn't ask for much more ! I am sad that Fulbourn cannot stay a rural green, quiet village, though the changes of modernity I do not like. I'm all up for rebuilding old houses with new regulations so it looks genuinely old, not some cheap imitation, and I don't mind travellers like red indians, or people in yurts, that respect nature and community, don't look dirty and contribute to their living space. Bah humbug.