Tuesday, 28 June 2011

NHS reforms and you - Bottisham Medical Practice Patient Participation Group

The Government has put the NHS reform bill on hold. How much it will change and in what ways is uncertain. The coming weeks will tell. But your newly-founded Bottisham Practice Patient Participation Group is now up and running. The Group’s Committee held its first meeting in April - the minutes are on the Practice website. If you have anything you would like the PPG to take up (issues for the Practice as a whole, please, not personal problems), e-mail the PPG Committee by clicking on the ‘contact us’ link at www.bottishammedicalpractice.nhs.net.

Members of the Bottisham PPG Committee will attend a meeting with representatives from other PPGs in the area, and will be briefed on how the consortiums of medical practices in Cambridgeshire plan to work, and the issues - in particular funding pressures - which they (and therefore we as patients) will face, as the NHS reforms (in whatever form they take) get under way. The aim thereafter is to hold a series of open meetings in the autumn to brief members of the public on the work of the consortiums of medical practices, and on how the NHS reforms will impact on the services we receive as patients. Your PPG Committee intends to make sure that one of these open meetings is held in our area. It will be important to attend to find out how all of us and our families will be affected. The Bottisham PPG will keep you informed.

Bottisham PPG Committee

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