Friday, 3 June 2011

Police news: speed checks

click to go to Cambs Constabulary homepageWe hope you are all well.

We continue to get reports of speeding in the villages and we have been conducting speed checks in Fulbourn, in Cambridge Road near to Capital Park, and during the time there we had one driver in excess of the speed limit. We do move around the village of Fulbourn and other villages on the beat. If you feel there is a particular problem on a road in Fulbourn please let us know and we will do our best to do some speed checks at that location.

Just a reminder now that the weather has got warmer remember to close windows to avoid unwanted visitors, and to be mindful of leaving doors ajar. Also do the same when leaving your vehicles unattended.

Fulbourn Neighbourhood Policing Team

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Click here to go to Linton Neighbourhood Policing Team(which includes Fulbourn)

Report it to the Police...why bother?

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