Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Police news

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Last week, a Lithuanian was arrested in Milton for going round collecting charity bags. It would appear that he was working for a company called Junatex, who apparently operate by dropping stickers through people's letterboxes asking them to put any unwanted clothing etc into a bag and stick the sticker on the side for collection. It is possible that they may also pinch other charities' bags and stick their stickers on to cover their tracks but we can't prove this so no further action was taken.

The Junatex stickers do not ever say they are a charity, they only say they are a Clothes Collection company.

Please look closely at any charity bags or stickers to see whether they really are for charity or whether they are actually companies making a profit from their donations.

Trading Standards and City of London have been notified and are co-ordinating work round this type of offence.

Fulbourn Neighbourhood Policing Team (through e-cops)

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