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give a disabled child a gift for Xmas

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Stuck for a present idea?


An alternative to giving a traditional present to someone you know. The recipient will know that their gift has helped a disabled child in Uganda.

All gift cards have a photograph of the item you have purchased as a gift on the front.

Gift cards can be either sent to you for giving personally or sent to the person for whom the gift is being given on your behalf.

Set of Crutches £5
1 Mosquito net £5
A chicken £5
A Duck £7
Month’s food (Nutrition programme) £10
Childs wooden support chair £15
Standing Frame £20
A goat £25
Term’s school fees £50

Example of text in the card:

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For further information, please contact

When ordering, remember to send details of who it needs to be sent to, either to you or direct to the recipient.

Jean Clark

From the Spring of Hope Casebook

click to go to Spring of Hope websiteBrenda is one of our 100 children who need to be on a nutrition program. She is a 10-year-old girl who weighs 10kg where a child of 10 should weigh approx 30kg. Brenda has severe cerebral palsy, which is leading her to have severe feeding difficulties as well. She is regularly sick due to her fragile start; this sickness has often led her close to death.

go to Project Brenda on givengain.comHer mother is separated from her husband and is now alone without any support. Her only income is from her garden and what she grows. Often she is unable to go into the garden due to Brenda being so sick, which leads Brenda becoming weaker as she has nothing to eat. More of Brenda under Nutrition project on and We are currently supporting 31 children out of 100 who need nutritional support, through porridge flour, eggs, milk and in some cases potatoes. These children need more support than just this. In the last three years, we have seen 50 of our children die due to eating difficulties.

Please pray for Brenda and support her.

go to the Spring of Hope websiteMpanga Waswa is five years old and has hydrocephalus. His mother had a normal pregnancy and gave birth to twins who were born without complications. Within hours Mpanga’s birth he became sick; on medical examination, the doctor told Mama Mpanga that her child was in danger.

His head was swelling and he was developing hydrocephalus. Mpanga needed surgery; Mama Mpanga refused due to the cost, and the mother just did not have money to support him. Mpanga was sent home, as the hospital could not do anything more for him. When Mpanga was 15 months old, Mama Mpanga heard about Spring of Hope and came for help as she had lost all hope. Mpanga was able to have the surgery he needed.

Since this surgery, Mpanga has learnt to sit without support, learnt to talk and tell hilarious and interesting jokes. He is a very confident little boy who loves people and loves having fun. Mpanga would love to go to school.

If you feel touched by this testimony, you can sponsor him now by inquiry through our email contact at


Pray for increased funding. SoHUG is short of funds we would request you to pray for funding.

Pray for a good season of service. This is our first season as a registered organization in our own right. Pray for our united team and our children for healing of the families.

Christmas Ideas – Gift certificate

Are you currently looking for a Christmas present, which is unforgettable, what about giving a family a duck or a child a standing frame? you can give a gift from as little as £5/$5. The recipient of the gift will receive a card and photo - go to the top of the post for further details.

You can also Donate through anywhere in the world.

If you are a taxpayer in the UK, please donate using stewardship quoting Spring of Hope, service user number 20041306.

Teresha Karahukayo Clark
Spring of Hope Executive Director
Spring of Hope Uganda blog

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