Sunday, 13 November 2011

November 11: a meditation

we will remember themIn the last century there were two world wars, allegedly, "wars to end all wars". Yet still wars rage across the globe and our Armed Forces are involved, with the inevitable loss of life and horrific injuries. Here is something I would like to pass on as we prepare once more to remember those who gave there all.

During the Second World War a young Scots Commando, stationed in the South of England, was among a group of men who were handed orders for a special operation.

There was to be a daring raid on occupied France …so daring that the young Scot realised that his chances of returning from it were slim.

As it turned out, his fears were not unfounded, for though the mission itself was successful. Not one of the party survived the raid.

Late, the operational order paper he had been given was found among his belongings. And across the top of it he had written, in a firm hand, these words: -

"I go forward not knowing the things which shall befall me, but I know in whom I believe."

The unit commander was so impressed that on every operation his men carried out after that, he saw to it that these words were printed across their orders. They became a comfort and guiding light to the brave men who paved the way to victory.

May it never be said that we have forgotten such courage.

Brian Scullion

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