Saturday, 30 April 2011


Hearty (if belated) congratulations to the happy Royal couple!

Here's how Mrs Ed set up Twelve's window display for the occasion - her reflection not being part of the display!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

oh dear...

Ed has man-flu - maybe if I keep on suffering conspicuously, I'll be better in time for the Royal Wedding...
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Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy St George's Day

I hope you don't mind a Scots exile in this wonderful country wishing you:

Happy St George's Day!

happy St George's Day!

Amanda's Café: come and celebrate the Royal Wedding!

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Come and celebrate the royal wedding of William and Kate with a Special Royal Breakfast or Cream Tea.

Open on Friday 29th April 2011 8.30am-5pm

Royal Cream Tea £6.95 per person

Selection of small sandwiches including poached salmon, cocumber,free-range eggs and cress

Freshly baked scones, clotted cream and preserve

Selection of handmade cakes

Served on a traditional tea stand

Pot of tea or fresh coffee

Royal English Breakfast £5.25

Sausage, bacon, egg, beans, tomato, mushrooms,hash brown & toast

Tea or Coffee

Glass of oange juice

We will also be serving our usual homemade cakes, hot breakfast rolls, toasted paninis, jacket potatoes, freh ground coffees and teas.

Why not take a look at our new range of Farm-pressed juices and cordials and our deicious new range of handmade gift cakes?

If you would like to book your table in advance,

Tel: 01223 880090 or just come in on the 29th and enjoy the Royal Wedding Day.

If you would like to take away your Royal Cream Tea to enjoy at home,

Tel: 01223 880090 and we will have it ready for you.

Normal Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 7:30am - 3pm

Saturday 9.30am - 2pm

10 High Street, Fulbourn

Good wishes to the happy couple!

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Police surgery in Fulbourn

There will be a police surgery in Fulbourn on Thursday 28 April between 1-3.p.m, at the housing office on Farmers Row (house next to Carters offices). If you would like any advice or information in relation to the above, or want to report something in confidence, then please come along and meet your local Neighbourhood team.


Click here for a Google map showing the location of Farmers Row

The Famous 4 plus 1 in Concert

Contact & see for details.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cambridgeshire Constabulary: could you do something Special?

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An open evening for the Special Constabulary is taking place at Cambridgeshire Police Headquarters.

The evening gives you the opportunity to find out if volunteering with the Specials is for you and a chance to meet and talk to some of Cambridgeshire’s existing specials.

It will take place at Headquarters, Hinchingbrooke Park in Huntingdon on Wednesday, April 20 from 7pm until 9.30pm.

This event is for anyone interested in joining the police ‘Specials’ voluntary service. Every day brings exciting challenges whose outcome you can influence positively.

You will get an overview of the Special Constabulary, the recruitment and training process and you can talk to us about your application, the assessment centres and what to expect in your training.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’ll also have the chance to sign up to go out on a shift with our existing specials to experience firsthand the excitement, challenges and rewards of being a member of the Special Constabulary.

If you’d like to attend please email

To find out more about being a ‘Special’ please visit our website

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011 day 5: to Skegness

I was unwell this morning and unable to accompany Mrs Ed and Edweenie to Skegness proper. This made me sad, as the resort had been one of the places we'd went to on day-trips that had substituted for a honeymoon.

As opposed to what we'd heard at Ingoldmelds market about shops going bankrupt, they saw only three empty shops, which - unfortunately - is what one would expect. There was a display of models made from matchsticks by Derek Johnson, in memory of his wife, Mrs Joyce (Joy) Johnson, in aid of Skegness & Lincolnshire Alzheimer's Society. They looked amazing, and I wish I'd been there to see them.

Please click here if you want to visit the Alzheimer's Society.

Back at Butlin's it's a real end-of-holiday night, with the usual squabbles about how to pack the bags and whether it was right to buy so many books. But it's been a good week, thank God. Edweenie made a friend, and they've swapped phone numbers. She wants to come bcak next year...who knows?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011 - day 4:: on the beach

Mrs Ed started the day with a talk about relationships in the Big top. She told me that the bloke leading the session had said, "Let's talk about sex!" and the men's faces brightened up. He'd continued about a church elder from his childhood who delivered "the sex talk" and, hearing this, I was reminded of "the celibacy talk", an often awkwardly-delivered disquisition that seminarians had to endure. The speaker went on to talk about the ever-deepening friendship that developed in a marriage.

Mrs Ed, Edweenie and I went to Butlins' beach in the afternoon. I looked at the idling blades of Britain's largest offshore wind-farm and reflected that their strange beauty meant that at least we were getting some return for our 100% subsidy, and was told (again) not to be grumpy. Mrs Ed and I walked up to the water, she to collect stones to write Bible-verses on and I to look for suitable shells to make cufflinks with. Soon I was skimming oyster-shells on the waves and Mrs Ed was paddling in the sea, the years having fallen away. Edweenie sat reading The Time Traveller's Wife and soon I joined her, with a copy of Mark A. Dupont's Toxic Churches that I'd picked up from one of the stalls in Skyliner.

In the evening, I passed the Big Top and heard a rock worship band play. It sounded like a good night. I walked on.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011: Day 3

When approaching Skegness Butlins, it's difficult not to see the roller-coaster attached to Ingoldmels' Fantasy Island (above), which dominates the view to the north-west.

We walked up to Ingoldmels today, a two-mile trek, to visit the famous market. It's a big affair, not far off the size of Glasgow's Barras, and if anything seemed to be thriving compared to the last time we'd seen it two years ago. Mrs Ed, for example, found a stall selling 2 bras for £5, of the kind that had cost her £12.50 each in Cambridge.

We spoke about this to one stallholder who was selling mobile phones at knockdown prices. He explained that he was buying more bankrupt stock than ever before, and advised us to have a look at Skegness High Street - we'd need no further explanation.

Then we found a café which had a bar next door, and had a couple of drinks each - a pint of lager for me, a half for Mrs Ed, and J20 for Edweenie. I'm afraid I made some derogatory comments about the rap (or is it hop-hop?) flavoured remixes booming from the café's speakers - then a pneumatic drill started, and I had to decide which I'd preferred. We moved on. I got some gewgaws to make cufflinks with while two of the women in my life spent far too long looking in clothes-stalls - thus was it ever, I fear, although my revenge came when we found a discount store selling hardware.

Back in Butlins, we had a look at the bookstalls in the Skyline venue. In this 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible, I'd been nonplussed yesterday that there were only two KJV lines on sale, but more had now been added. I wasn't thinking of anything divisive, merely of the technical, hermeneutical and theological leaps forward that the KJV represented, which planted seeds for all denominations.

I bought a Bible for Mrs Ed and looked for something for Edweenie but, while there was precious little for teenagers, there was less still for teenage girls. I found two Christian-themed fantasy cycles, but neither had Book 1 present: could this have been managed better?

There was a workshop on managing mental illness this afternoon that I'd been interested in; but with an episode of manic-depression still making its death-struggles felt, it didn't seem the best idea. But there's still 3 days left, and God in His wisdom makes the sun to shine on the barmy as well as the sane. So who knows what might happen?

Spring Harvest 2011: Day 2

We have a chalet at Ocean Point in Butlins Skegness for this year's Spring Harvest. I don't know whether it's Silver or Standard, but it's literally a home from home - including ironing board and iron!

Mrs Ed went to a talk in the big top where the speaker compared living with the Bible to living with a cat, and all the cat lovers went "Awww!" Then he said that there were two ways to live with a cat, the first being to cut it up and look at its insides, at how it works. Said cat-lovers gasped. Then he added that the other way was to live with it for five, ten, fifteen years. The tension in the room relaxed somewhat, but I suspect the speaker will be getting funny looks for the duration of the retreat.

Our cat, Magus, is safe with Miss Ed, who's at home. This is the first time in the history of our family that a holiday hasn't involved all of us, and Edweenie has been in something of a reflective mood: I wonder if Miss Ed's incipient adulthood has highlighted Miss Ed's own childhood's end coming over the horizon?

Mrs Ed and I went to a talk about Christians against poverty, given by the founder's daughter. I was reminded of the time I worked in Glasgow's Bath St CAB - the original one, founded in 1939 to help people with the raft of new legislation being brought in as the war's prosecution was planned - and the Director, Vincent Chudy, told a public meeting in 1998 that he could lay his hands on evidence proving that society was configured to render individuals indebted. A huge unpaid debt materialised from Heaven knows where, and within a year the CAB's doors had been well and truly shut.

We enjoyed listening to a Dr Who Talking Book in the evening, then retired to a rather comfortable double bed.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring Harvest 2011: arrival

I love the Poacher Line, which runs between Grantham and Skegness. We went on it on our way to Spring Harvest, an annual Christian celebration which Butlins hosts in both its Minehead and Skegness branches.

We got from Cambridge to Ely by bus, then on a crowded East Midlands train to Grantham. The train awaiting us in Skegness was a very pleasant surprise, with comfortable seats that had lots of legroom. Could the contribution Skegness - both the resort and the Butlins - makes to the Lincolnshire economy finally have been factored in? Anyway, as the train drew out we had a great view of St Wulfram's spire, one of the tallest in England, holding court over the market tower of Grantham:

click to go to St Wulfram's website

Another magnificent tower among the many that punctuate the horizon is St Botulph's in Boston, colloquially known as Boston Stump:

click to go to St Botulph's website

And one of my favourite stations is Heckleton, with one of the windmills for which the Fens are famed behind it. I wonder if it ground wheat, or if it was put there by Cornelius Vermuyden to pump the water out and make more of the region habitable?

click to go to Heckington Parish Council

We had a meal at Skegness Morrison's, then did some shopping, as we are in a self-catering flat. Once we found the flat, one thing that I personally found disappointing was that the welcome brochure made two references to "carbon footprint": I'd hoped to have a holiday from more than work. But Spring Harvest, for some reason, always brings out the curmudgeon in me, and I'll attempt to share my grumpiness as the days pass.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fulbourn celebrates: one day in June

Fulbourn Celebrates

'One Day in June...'

A Carnival of the Arts

Sunday 19 June 10.30am-4.30pm

Performance - * - Exhibitions - * - Workshops - * - Entertainment

Live Music - Circus - Dance

T-Shirt Printing - Painting - Storytelling

Drama - Village Walks - Poetry

Crafts - Produce - Teas




Ludlow Green (opposite the War Memorial)


The Fulbourn Centre, Home End

A fun-filled day for everyone

Live Music from

  • Fruity Clave - brilliant Samba to open the celebrations

  • D'amusica in The Fulbourn Centre
  • Talking in Tune - join the singing workshops and performance with Rowena Whitehead in the Fulbourn Centre. Rowena will also be doing a day of singing workshops with classes at Fulbourn Primary School on 17 June.
  • Whiteacre Winds - concert at St Vigor's Church at 5.00pm


    • Join Cambridge Community Circusand learn juggling, plate spinning, diabolo and other gravity-defying feats (Ludlow Green & workshops in The Centre)

      Join Peter Cornwell in History off the Page in the storyteller's tent. Immerse yourself in the story of the falling of the church tower & other tales of Fulbourn past (Ludlow Green)


      • Excersise your creative side and join poets for a writing workshop at The Swifts, Haggis Gap: email to book in advance

      • Design & print your own T-shirt with artist Ricki Outis in the Artivan. (Bring your own plain white cotton T-shirt or buy on the day.)
      • Paint banners and bunting with textile artist Deanna Tyson.
      • Buy from arts, crafts & local produce stalls.
      Drama & Dance

      • join jenny Culank from Classworks Theatre Company for a workshop based around local stories (14+ in The Fulbourn Centre)
      • Enjoy 'An Introduction to Musical Theatre' workshop, suitable for all with Splitz Theatre Arts
      • Join dancer Lucy Crowe for an exciting introduction to Hip-Hop
      Discover Historic Fulbourn

      • Learn about the way that Fulbourn used to be - its shops and pubs - through exhibition and film from Fulbourn Village History Society
      • Join Tony Goodall for an exploratory walk around the village

      • All day refreshments at The Fulbourn Centre
      • Bar open
      • Delicious teas, coffees & cakes from Fulbourn W.I.

      There is ample car-parking at The Fulbourn Centre, Ludlow Lane. Please try not to park along the lane by Ludlow Green War Memorial.

      Toilets are in The Fulbourn Centre and at The Swifts, Haggis Gap.

      click to go to Fulbourn Arts website

      'One Day in June' is organised by Fulbourn Arts, a local organisation run by local people to promote arts events in the village. Our aim is to encourage artistic activity of all kinds in Fulbourn - dance, drama, literature, music and opportunities for the whole community to participate in the arts and constantly seek out opportunities that will enable local people to experience high-quality art and performance, increase and develop skills and creativity - and, most importantly, enjoy themselves!

      We would welcome ideas for future projects and would particularly like to hear from local people whose skills, experience or simply enthusiasm might benefit others. Contact to find out more, join the mailing list or list your event.

      Whilst we have taken every care to ensure that the day runs smoothly and safely, we cannot guarantee that all events will run exactly as planned and some workshops may not be suitable for all. Visitors to 'One Day in June' should hold themselves responsible for their own safety and Fulbourn Arts cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or personal injury or accident.

      Thank you!

      A huge thank you to all those individuals and organisations who have contributed to and participated in the day, particularly to our sponsors, Vital Communities. So many have given so much for so little personal reward! Thank you all for making 'One Day in June' such a success.

      Lynne Olney

      Bourn to run!

      Another race - this one coming up in September, so you've got lots of time to get fit! Watch this space, or click the pic below and press the "enter" box at the top of the space to enter!

      click to go to the entry form

      Monday, 4 April 2011

      Stiff plays the Six Bells, Fulbourn

      click to go to the Six Bells website Featuring hits from: The Clash, Bryan Adams, The Jam, U2, Bad Company, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Queen and many more...... Tickets £4 per person. To book tickets please contact Sue at Fulbourn Fruit Shop or email (tickets limited)

      click to go to Domino Nursery School's website

      All profits to Domino Nursery School, Fulbourn

      Click for directions to the Six Bells

      Sawston Fun Run 2011 - Sunday 15th May

      click to register for Sawston Fun Run online?

      Registrations are being encouraged to sign up for the 7.5K Sawston Fun Run & Walk - the largest annual community-led event in the county. Proceeds will go towards the Rosie Hospital Campaign and thirteen other local charities. Plans are well advanced and registrations for the 15th May event are now welcomed to ensure another large turnout on the day and that entrants have sufficient time to obtain their own sponsors say the organisers, the Rotary Club of Sawston District.

      Registration is available online at or from entry forms available off the website or from branches of Cambridge Building Society and Sawston Village College. There ten categories by age and gender with entry fees of £4 for entrants in school years 1 to 11 and £8 for adults of 17+ years. These are higher on the day of entry.

      Making life better for others
      Over £336,000 has been donated to local organisations over the years and this year the aim is to attract over one thousand two hundred entrants to the event and even more spectators who will enjoy the attractions of this family fun morning based at Sawston Village College. A target of £17,000 has been set with proceeds going to the Rosie Hospital Campaign; the Cambridge Marie Cancer Care and MS branches; Riding for the Disabled; Fledglings, of Wendens Ambo as well as six Sawston based organisations and youth groups in Shelford, Stapleford, Whittlesford and Duxford.

      Rosie Maternity Hospital and other major beneficiaries
      After almost thirty years, demand for maternity care in Cambridge and the surrounding area has outgrown the capacity of the Rosie. So a new £30 million purpose-built, three-storey facility is planned; £7 million of which must be found from charitable sources The Fun Run will make a major donation to the ‘New Rosie Hospital Campaign’ fund. Other charities to benefit will be: Other groups to benefit are: Most groups and charities in Sawston and the surrounding villages have benefited from the Fun Run. This year ten groups will receive funding.

      Sponsors and supporters make a significant contribution
      Cambridge Building Society kindly continues to sponsor the event and is joined by Adams Harrison, solicitors; Budgens Sawston; Excell, Voice and Data Specialists; Jazzercise Sawston; Kall Kwik Cambridge; Morgan Sindall, Russells Estate Agents; Vindis Sawston and Sawston Parish Council. Other businesses and organisations assist by providing help on the day: Welch’s Transport, Lilley of Sawston, the local Fire Service, the Air and Army Cadets, Sawston Youth Group band, the Red Cross and RAYNET.

      The Rotary Club is indebted to them, the advertisers and Sawston Village College whose help is vital to the success of the community event.

      A message from Vic Starkey, President of the Rotary Club of Sawston District:
      We’re hoping that more people than ever will enter, so beating last year’s record turnout and that entrants will get all their families and friends to sponsor them. We are just pleased we can play our part in the community by organising the event, as it generates much needed funds for local causes and creates a fun occasion that is clearly enjoyed by everyone. The support from the business community is vital to us in organising the event; we thank them and everyone else for their input. We wish everyone a good time on the 15th May.

      Media companies help too
      The media recognise just how popular the event is with the local community as it represents ‘community values’ often lost in today’s society. Three companies have agreed to promote the event: Cambridge Newspapers, Star Radio and Stagecoach Buses.

      On the day support
      An example of the willingness of the local business community to back the event is the supply of over 1,500 bottles of water by Iceni Water, the local natural mineral water sourced from deep beneath the South Cambridgeshire countryside and bottled at Duxford. Greens Health & Fitness, Cambridge also demonstrate their support by providing major prizes for adult winners and a complimentary day’s membership to all adults who complete the finish the 7.5k course.
      click to g ot oSawston Rotary Online