Saturday, 28 May 2011

cute video - mum cat & kitten!

Thuoght you might like this video from the GodTube site of a mother cat comforting her kitten - both asleep! (Click to view)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fulbourn Parish Council: gypsy/traveller access to proposed development

click to go to Fulbourn Village GuideEdited extract from Fulbourn Parish Council draft minutes for May

Due to the importance of the following matter, this additional item was included in the Fulbourn Parish Council agenda for May.

Sally Fletcher – Planning Consultant with Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) - gave Members an update of what is planned for the Ida Darwin site. Under the Local Development Framework (LDF), the site has been allocated for up to 275 houses. Mrs Fletcher explained a firm in London had been engaged to draw up a Masterplan with the eastern side for development and Open Spaces on the western side. Any surplus footprint would be put on the Fulbourn Hospital site.

The Masterplan for both sites would be submitted before the full planning application. Having met with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) Planning Officers, it had been suggested to hold a public exhibition and Mrs Fletcher was advised to ask the Parish Council for their thoughts and what they would like incorporated before the plans go too far.

When questioned about access, Members were told a full transport assessment had been done in association with the Highways Authority and CCC. Cllr Webdale was concerned with safety stating Hinton Road was not fit for purpose as two buses could not pass each other; the development would not benefit the village shops and was in the wrong location. The Cambridge Road junction would need a roundabout.

Cllr Williams felt the junction of Hinton Road/Fulbourn Old Drift would need re-modelling. Sally Fletcher said SCDC Planners had also said the site should allow for Gypsy and Travellers pitches who would need their own access. Cllr Williams said the pitches would not only take some of the footprint, but this was contrary to current planning policy. Consultation on Gypsy and Travellers sites was still taking place so in theory plans for these could not be included until 2017. The site is also in the Green Belt.

Cllr Hardwick asked who would eventually be responsible for maintenance of the Open Spaces. Members agreed more recreational facilities are needed at that end of the village as well as allotments. Concerns were raised about sewerage and drainage as Thomas Road already has problems with flooding, but again Mrs Fletcher said surveys had been done. She said the Parish Council should decide within the next six weeks what they would like to see i.e. type and size of accommodation and whether any views or the water tower should be retained. Cllr Williams also raised concerns about railway security and landscaping policy. Cllr Williams will write to SCDC Chief Executive objecting that the Planners have given instructions regarding the Gypsy and Travellers pitches, and the Parish Council will also write. The public exhibition will be held in July or August when the first plans are ready. This item will be placed on the June Agenda. The Chairman thanked Mrs Fletcher for her presentation.

Standing Orders were resumed.

Read more:

Click to go to the Fulbourn Village Guide, including Parish Council details.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nearly-new sale in aid of Little Warblers Preschool

click to go to Little Warblers Pre-School websiteThe 11th nearly new sale of baby and children's toys, clothes, books and equipment is taking place on Saturday 18 June at the Fulbourn Village Centre, Manor Walk, Fulbourn, 2.30-4. There will be 50p entrance per adult to raise funds for the Little Warblers Pre-school. Tables are still available, contact Debbie at for more details.

Click for more details about the Fulbourn Centre.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Places of Worship: new grant funding

click o go to Cambridgeshire community foundation websiteCambridgeshire Community Foundation is a grant making body supporting a range of charitable projects across the county, and now has grant funding for the repair, maintenance or restoration of a Place of Worship or a Place of Architectural Importance through the AmeyCespa Fund (formerly the Donarbon Foundation).

From the AmeyCespa page on the CCF website:
To be eligible to apply, your project must:
  • click for details about the AmeyCespa FundBe in accordance with ENTRUST’s Objects D, DA and E as listed below. ENTRUST is the organisation that regulates the use of landfill tax credit. You can find out more information about the Landfill Communities’ Fund by visiting;
  • Be within 10 miles (as crow flies) of any ACTIVE landfill site – click here to see the Environment Agency website to find your local landfill sites;
  • Be able to contribute 10% of the value of the grant you are seeking. If you are offered a grant, this 10% sum must be paid to AmeyCespa and, upon receipt of the 10%, you will be issued with your full 100% grant.
  • Be ready to start ( ie have secured the majority of your funding, have planning permission, have identified builders etc) within 3 months from when you submit your expression of interest.

    OBJECT D - The provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or other general public amenity. Projects which do not relate to a park must relate to another amenity. According to the new (Oct 2010) interpretation by ENTRUST, "An amenity is something that makes the environment more pleasant or comfortable and/or improves the aesthetic qualities of an area for the general public".

    OBJECT DA - The conservation of a specific species or a specific habitat where it naturally occurs.

    OBJECT E – The repair, maintenance or restoration of a Place of Worship or a Place of Architectural Importance. The primary intent of this objective is to maintain, repair or restore a Place of Worship; or a building or structure that must have listed status or equivalent where the general public can access the building. This objective does not allow works to private residences.

    For full details of the eligibility criteria, click here to read our AmeyCespa Fund Grant Guidelines.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

vegetable gardening for May

plum blossomIt has been a very dry and very mild spring so far this year with good sunbathing weather in early April! We need some rain but we could do without any late frosts. The first potatoes are bursting through the soil and will need some protection if frost is forecast. It is wonderful this month to see the bare soil gradually clothed in green as the crops grow. The early peas, beans, onions, cabbages cauliflowers and broccoli are such a welcome site. The strawberries have started to flower very early and will need watering and frost protection. The plums and peaches were covered in blossom and seem to have set well. The pear trees look very sad as they have been infested with leaf minor insects and there is nothing much one can do about them, I just hope the trees will recover.leaf miner tracks in a leaf

In the green house the first tomatoes have set and the runner beans, courgettes, marrows, cucumbers, and outdoor tomatoes plants are impatient to be out as soon as the weather looks settled. The temptation is to put them out too early and then all your hard work is destroyed by a late frost.

runner bean supports - click to learn moreI need to erect my runner bean support to be ready for the bean plants later in the month and construct a netting cover for the strawberries or the black birds will eat them all.

Sow a second crop of carrots, beetroot and lettuce for succession. Thin out the earlier sown crops.

Sow sprouting broccoli for eating next spring, it seems a little early but it need a year to grow and it is very welcome in the spring when there is little else around.

Sweetcorn can be sown directly into the soil this month. Remember it needs sowing in blocks rather than rows to aid pollination.

If anyone has a spare lawn edge cutter in the shed the school gardening club would be very pleased to have it to keep their plots tidy.
George Jackson
Fulbourn Gardening Society

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision congratulations!

I'd hoped that Britain's Blue would win the Eurovision Song Contest, but it wasn't to be. So congratulations to Eldar & Nigar from Azerbaijan with Running Scared!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The King's Speech (12A): [act] - art in cambs on tour

click to read more about the King's SpeechDocumenting the incredible but little-known friendship between King George VI (Colin Firth) and the speech therapist who cured him of a debilitating stammer (Geoffrey Rush), Hooper’s (THE DAMNED UNITED) film is at once an odd-couple comedy, an affectionate biopic and a stirring period piece illuminating a turbulent era of British history.

As the Second World War beckons and the country is thrown into crisis by the abdication of Edward VIII, his younger brother Prince Albert stands paralysed before the wireless, his voice lost in a painful tangle of childhood inhibitions. Desperate, the Prince turns to Lionel Logue, maverick therapist, colonial intruder and unlikely friend.

Their story is touching, uplifting and guaranteed to bring a patriotic lump to even the most republican of throats.

Contains strong language in a speech therapy context.

Thursday 26 May | 7:30pm | Kirtling Village Hall, CB8 9PB
Box Office: 01638 730253

Saturday 28 May | 6pm | Manea Village Hall, School Lane, Manea, March, Cambs, PE15 0JA
Box Office: 01354 688368

Suitable for 12+ audience

All [act] venues are wheelchair accessible, please phone venue for further information about access.

Arts in Cambs on Tour [act] offers support to people throughout rural Cambridgeshire who want to see professional performances taking place in their village or town. [act]’s shows are run by local volunteers in local venues and tickets are reasonably priced. To book telephone the number on the preceding pages. Booking opens about six weeks before the show. It's worth remembering that the booking service is usually run by volunteers, so you may have to be patient and leave your details on an answering machine.

If you would like to see professional performances in your town or village or learn more about [act] contact Audrey, details below.

Arts in Cambs on Tour is run by ADeC –
Audrey Pam
Programme Manager
[act] - Arts in Cambs on Tour
Tel: 01353 616993

click to go to [act] homepage
click to go to adec homepage
click to go to South Cambs District Council homepage
click to go to Hunts District Council homepage
click to go to Cambridgeshire County Council Website
click to go to east cambs district council website
click to go to Fenland District Council homepage

marriage and the Royal Wedding

click to view the Royal Wedding on the YouTube Royal ChannelSo, did you watch it? Did you perhaps even break out the bunting, or go to a street party? Or did you take a long walk to avoid it, or tell your friends you thought it was irrelevant?

The wedding of William to Catherine has taken its place in history, and has elicited so many reactions across the spectrum that it’s fair to say the one thing you couldn’t do in respect of the Royal Wedding was ignore it.

Watching the guest list evolve became a media spectator sport in itself, with every inclusion and omission picked to pieces, so much so that the planners must have felt that they were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.

Like many a wedding, the behaviour of guests will be immortalised in memory as if entered on score cards. I remember, for example, a series of weddings where Auntie Sadie would almost ladle food into Uncle Jim’s mouth to mitigate the skinful he’d have later, Bella would only come if Lachlan wasn’t invited (and vice versa), and Effie and Mungo made such a sweet couple it was easy to forget they hadn’t had a good word to say to each other for years.

It’s possible to concentrate too much on the things that stick out for the wrong reasons at a wedding and forget that it’s about two people becoming one through their love for each other. But the other side of the coin is that a wedding is a communitarian affair whereby a network of friends and family come together, at the very least, to applaud the couple’s brass neck at rising above a sea of fashionable cynicism about the institution’s feasibility, and at best to witness, as the people of God, the union of man and wife in a way that has happened since time immemorial. It’s no coincidence that marriage has survived probably as many obituaries as God, and over the same period.

Well done to Catherine and William for their decision to live as man and wife. May their days together be blessed.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fulbourn Swift Survey 2011

read more about the common swift on the rspb websiteAt the January meeting of Fulbourn Forum, Rob Mungovan, the SCDC Ecology Officer, gave a very interesting talk on the work that is being undertaken to try to maintain the swift colony during the re-development of the Windmill Estate. A survey in summer 2009 had confirmed 72 active nests, making this the largest swift colony in East Anglia. Rob reported that a similar survey in 2010 estimated that the number of nest sites had declined to 57. However, he found it very encouraging that apparent nesting activity had been recorded in two external and six internal nest boxes located within Phase 1a of the new Swifts Development. The developer had agreed to incorporate the internal boxes after it had been noted in previous years that the birds were reluctant to use some types of external nest box. A total of 75 internal and 50 external boxes have been provided in Phase 1 of the project.

Although this swift colony will continue to be monitored by professional ecologists during the re-development, we have little information on other colonies within Fulbourn. Fulbourn Forum is organising a team of volunteers to survey other areas of the village for swift nesting activity. If the birds are seen flying low on summer evenings along eaves and roofs and around houses, screaming as they go, then they are likely to be nesting in the near vicinity. The survey work will involve a few evening and/or early morning sessions during June and July to observe the behaviour of the birds in specific areas of the village, and no previous experience is necessary. If you would be interested in taking part then please email Fulbourn Forum for further information at
John Willis
Fulbourn Forum

Thanks to Amir Ben for the briliant pic of the swift! - Ed.

Read more:

View Rob Mungovan's presentation on Fulbourn's swift colony and plans for its future (followed by a presentation on Open Orchards)

Find out more about Fulbourn's swifts on the RSPB website

Access South Cambridgeshire District Council's Wildlife and Ecology Department

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Mill: Christian Aid Week envelopes

You will find this years Christian Aid Week envelopes in the May Mill. If you can spare anything, could you please hand the envelopes into Twelve?


Cambridge Philharmonic plays Mozart

click to learn more!1791 was Mozart’s last year – and one of his most prolific. On Saturday 7th May, through a series of workshop performances starting at 11am, the Cambridge Philharmonic Society will be performing many of his last works at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church in Trumpington Street.

The Cambridge Philharmonic orchestra and chorus and conductor Timothy Redmond will be joined by leading soloists: Natasha Marsh, Lucy Hall, Eileen Hulse (soprano); Kathryn Mcadam (mezzo soprano); Nicky Spence, Philip Sheffield, Adam Crockett (tenor); Timothy Connor (baritone); Guy Llewellyn (horn) and Cordelia Williams (piano).

Members of the public are invited to come and listen to any or all of the following performances:

1100-1130 La Clemenza di Tito K621, Horn Concerto in D K412
1200-1300 Piano Concerto in Bb K595, Clarinet Concerto in A K622
1400-1700 Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620 Concert Performance
1730-1830 Come & Sing rehearsal
1900-2000 Come & Sing performance: Requiem K626

For those who can follow a score, you are invited to join members of the Society for a fee to perform Mozart’s requiem.

Every performance is open to the public with donations appreciated. All money raised will help the Society to hold future concerts and develop young talent in Cambridge and beyond.

For more information, please visit the website at:

Becky Lamont
Press officer
Cambridge Philharmonic Society

click to go to Cambridge Philharmonic Society's homepage

Wilbraham River Protection Society guided Walk

Dear Friends of Wilbraham River

We will be holding our third annual river walk on Sunday 5th June 2011.

This time it will be a circular walk starting at Little Wilbraham (Hawk Mill Farm), through Little Wilbraham Fen SSSI (along Long Drove) to Quy Roundabout, then back along the river to Hawk Mill Farm, a distance of about 5 km. We will walk mostly along public access pathways, and will be accompanied by a bird expert, so bring your binoculars.

The walk will start at 2.00 pm on Sunday afternoon from Hawk Mill Farm Little Wilbraham. We expect it will finish at around 4.00 pm back at Hawk Mill Farm where light refreshments will be available. There is an option for people not wanting to walk the whole route of joining the walk at Quy roundabout (parking in the large layby on the A1303). Transport will be available to return walkers to this starting point if required.

Please note the following important points if you are considering whether to come:
  • We anticipate the walk will take about 2 hours,
  • Parking is available at Hawk Mill Farm (at your own risk),
  • The walk will be guided and we ask you to stick to the route at all times,
  • You will be walking in open countryside and farmland and not necessarily on marked tracks – some of the route may be boggy. Please bring appropriate footwear and clothing to suit these conditions,
  • The walk will not cross any roads or fences. However, there may be farm stock in one of the fields we cross. Walkers should take responsibility for their own safety at all times,
  • Dogs should be kept under control and on leads at all times,
  • Please try to keep reasonable close to others on the walk,
  • Please take care when crossing hazards such bridges,
  • Please do not attempt to feed or touch any cattle on the route,
  • Please stay a safe distance from the water at all times,
  • The walk is not suitable for buggies, small toddlers or those with restricted mobility

(We are sorry for such a long list of points, never-the-less all walkers must accept that they come at their own risk).
If you would like to join us, please contact us as soon as possible preferably by emailing the Chairman or Secretary:

John Smithson -
Rebecca Lomas - bex@drcr.infobex

Please reply by Monday May 30th - and please let us know if you intend to join at Quy so we can let you know timings.

John Smithson
Friends of Wilbraham River

Click for a Google-map to Hawk Mill Farm, Little Wilbraham

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Great British Fish and Chip supper!

click to find out more!

"Hold a Fish and Chip Supper to help spinal cord injured people live full and independent lives."

click to find out more about the great fish & chip supper!

Great British Fish and Chip Supper – Friday 20th May 2011

Want to do something different? Want to raise money where you live or work? Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 20th May 2011 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA’s information and support services.

You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home, at work or hold a larger supper at your local community centre.

click to go to the sia homepageSIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donation envelopes. By inviting 7 friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 means you will raise at least £35.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraising ideas to raise even more money for SIA.

Last year we had over 100 suppers taking part in England and Wales and we raised £6,000. In 2011 we want to double that figure and ensure we can provide more support to spinal cord injured people.

The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal Injuries Association offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal injury occurs, and for the rest of their lives by providing services and publications which enable and encourage paralysed people to lead independent lives.

Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury and there are an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone.

Community Fundraising Officer, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is a wonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family. We are also encouraging people who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds. You may be even a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group.

Be a part of something special and make a real difference to help spinal cord injured people gain access to the information and support they need to enable them to live full and independent lives.”

For more information or request a fundraising pack email Elizabeth Wright at or visit

click to go to the sia homepage

Elizabeth Wright