Tuesday, 12 June 2012

replacement bus from Fulbourn to Newmarket (Teversham too!)

We have just heard that the replacement bus to Newmarket (A&P bus No.16) has been approved by the Commissioners and is running every Tuesday and Friday, leaving the Six Bells at 10.30am, with the return journey from Newmarket starting at 1.30pm [See timetable below - Ed.].

This means that the bus started running today (12 June) and will run every Tuesday and Friday hereafter.

David Cottee
Fulbourn Forum

Teversham - The Wilbrahams - Newmarket
Tuesday and Friday only

Teversham, Marshall's Close - 10:21
Teversham, Ferndale - 10:23
Fulbourn, Bakers Arms - 10:25
Fulbourn, Six Bells - 10:30
Great Wilbraham, Carpenters Arms - 10:35
Little Wilbraham, Manor Close - 10:40
Six Mile Bottom - 10:45
Newmarket, Guineas Bus Station - 11:00

Newmarket, Guineas Bus Station 13:30
Six Mile Bottom - 13:45
Little Wilbraham, Manor Close - 13:50
Great Wilbraham, Carpenters Arms - 13:55
Fulbourn, Six Bells - 14:00
Fulbourn, Bakers Arms - 14:05
Teversham, Ferndale - 14:07
Teversham, Marshall's Close - 14:09

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Newmarket bus starts today - Cllr John Williams


  1. Do you know how much the bus fair will be for this service?

  2. Hi, I'm afraid I have no idea. Hopefully more info will come out soon, or you could phone Cambs county Council for info. Sorry can't be more help.

  3. We have heard that this service may change in September, do you know if this is correct, if so do you know th details of the changes?