Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Mill receives an award!

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Recently, I had the honour of picking up an award on behalf of The Mill at the Cambridge Building Society Community Magazine Awards. The magazine was entered in the Specialist category as a Church magazine, and received the Silver award. (Click to see the previous post about the awards.)

May I say a big "thank-you" to St Vigor's Rector, Revd Alice Goodman, for her commitment to the Mill; and also to my colleagues on the Mill Committee. Without their help and support I’d be unable to edit the magqazine. My colleagues organise and enthuse distribution, and keep a track of advertising revenue, among many other things. I also have to thank the previous editors, because the most important thing I have to bring to the Mill is not to try to fix what isn’t broken: it was their format that won the prize.

Most importantly, however, is the thanks that are due to YOU – the readers of the Mill who make everything not only possible but worth it. Well done all of you!


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