Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Nixon in China" on BBC Radio 3

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Be sure not to miss Nixon in China on BBC Radio 3, September 5. The opera starts at 7.00pm, after a profile of composer John Adams. The production stars Kathleen Kim as Madame Mao, Alan Oke as Chairman Mao, Jessica Rivera as Pat Nixon and Robert Orth as the anti-communist president of the title on a groundbreaking diplomatic mission to China in 1968.

The BBC webpage describes "Alice Goodman's poetic, intensely original libretto"; and if you live locally this matters because Alice is, of course, Rector at the St Vigor's group of parishes, covering Fulbourn, the Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom.

No matter where you live, be sure to tune into BBC Radio 3 from 7pm onwards on 5 September, listen to it on the web or else catch it for a week afterwards on BBC i-player!


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Nixon in China Act 1

Nixon in China Act 2

Nixon in China Act 3

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