Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fulbourn Social Netball

Are you interested in learning how to play netball? Or did you play netball at school and are keen to get back into playing social netball?

We are hoping to set up a social netball club here in Fulbourn for women of all ages and abilities. Funding through South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) is available to support us in setting up and to provide regular coaching.

Commitments would include the options of attending training sessions fortnightly plus playing in fortnightly friendly matches held in Milton with other like-minded social netball teams.

If we have enough interested people, the aim is to set up an initial meeting with SCDC before the end of this term.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more then please contact Katie Morrish on C881214 or email at

Katie Morrish

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

nearly-new sale: children's and babies' equipment

Sale of nearly-new children's and babies' equipment at the Fulbourn Centre on Saturday 23 June from 2.30-4pm.

Tables are still available for this event! To hire one or for further information, email

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Calendar Girls audition - your help needed!

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A group of extraordinary women, members of a very ordinary Yorkshire WI, spark a global phenomenon by persuading one another to pose for a charity calendar with a difference!

As interest snowballs, the Calendar Girls find themselves revealing very much more than they'd ever planned...

St John’s Players are performing the very popular "Calendar Girls" by Tim Firth in October 2012. However, we need your help. As yet, we do not have a full cast, so if you are interested in being part of an intriguing, fun production, please contact Moira Stephenson on or Shannon Hogan on Or else, come to one of our rehearsals! These are on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Fulbourn Centre, after 7.30pm.

Go on – give us a go and be part of an uplifting and heart-warming experience.

Graham Royston

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

replacement bus from Fulbourn to Newmarket (Teversham too!)

We have just heard that the replacement bus to Newmarket (A&P bus No.16) has been approved by the Commissioners and is running every Tuesday and Friday, leaving the Six Bells at 10.30am, with the return journey from Newmarket starting at 1.30pm [See timetable below - Ed.].

This means that the bus started running today (12 June) and will run every Tuesday and Friday hereafter.

David Cottee
Fulbourn Forum

Teversham - The Wilbrahams - Newmarket
Tuesday and Friday only

Teversham, Marshall's Close - 10:21
Teversham, Ferndale - 10:23
Fulbourn, Bakers Arms - 10:25
Fulbourn, Six Bells - 10:30
Great Wilbraham, Carpenters Arms - 10:35
Little Wilbraham, Manor Close - 10:40
Six Mile Bottom - 10:45
Newmarket, Guineas Bus Station - 11:00

Newmarket, Guineas Bus Station 13:30
Six Mile Bottom - 13:45
Little Wilbraham, Manor Close - 13:50
Great Wilbraham, Carpenters Arms - 13:55
Fulbourn, Six Bells - 14:00
Fulbourn, Bakers Arms - 14:05
Teversham, Ferndale - 14:07
Teversham, Marshall's Close - 14:09

Read more
Newmarket bus starts today - Cllr John Williams

Friday, 8 June 2012

CBM on Radio 4

If you like listening to the radio on a Sunday morning, why not tune into Radio 4 this Sunday at 07.55am for the Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of CBM UK?

CBM, the overseas disability charity, is well known in Fulbourn, as Gill Godber was their in-house publicist for many years, and now works in a voluntary capacity as their Cambridge Representative, in which role she recieves much support from Fulbourn Friends of CBM. In the programme, surgeon Steve Mannion, who specialises in treating clubfoot, will be talking about his work.

If 7.55 is a bit early for you, follow the link below to access the programme after it's aired, on BBC i-player!


Below: Steve Mannion and Martin, whom he treated for clubfoot.

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Read more:

CBM helped a record 36 million people in 2011

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fulbourn: Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

Like everywhere else in the United Kingdom, Fulbourn has been celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. I hope you enjoy looking at Fulbourn's Jubilee in pictures.

I realise not everybody had the same jubilee or has the same beliefs, but it was great to go to St Vigor's church in Fulbourn and see that flowers had been arranged in red, white and blue:

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This was reflected not only in the churchyard...

...but also by the flowers outside the Co-op!

Amanda's Café was open for business in full patriotic fervour...

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...While Richard Wombwell's shop was closed, but no less patriotic! (NB Richard writes the popular "View from the Farm" column for the Mill on Fulbourn flora and fauna.)

Gazebos had been found to shelter people attending the street party who were eating Michael Beaumont's hog-roast. (Michael and his staff also cleared up after the street party - a mammoth task!)

David Morris was one of the entertainers from Cambridge Community Circus to perform while the street party was going on.

click to go to Cambridge Community Circus

The Fulbourn Centre was putting on a whole weekend of activities...

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...While at The Six Bells children of all ages could print their own T-shirts...

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...and Marie-Ann Ha taught children to spin their own wool!

At the end of the day, as mentioned, Michael Beaumont and his staff cleared up the street. Here's one at the shop, taking down the red white and blue balloons.

click to go to Michael Beaumont Butcher's website

Coming out of the Six Bells, we saw a potent reminder of what it cost to keep us free to celebrate Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee.


Friday, 1 June 2012

a hug that made the world smile

As we prepare for the Queen’s Jubilee this month, it was perhaps appropriate that Her Majesty was involved in an event that, for all our present social, political and financial anxieties, made the world smile.

Lydia Amita: click to read her story

Lydia Amito was orphaned at the age of one in 2004, in the midst of a brutal campaign waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army against civilians in Uganda, the violence then spreading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and Sudan.

Recently, at celebrations for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee at Windsor Castle, Lydia greeted the Queen the way she greets everybody: with a hug. It’s not protocol to touch the Monarch other than with the briefest of handshakes, so the picture of the little girl hugging a smiling Queen went round the world.

Gary and Marylin Skinner: click to read the Watoto story

Lydia’s life could be much different if it were not for Watoto Childcare Ministries, founded in 1994 by Gary and Marylin Skinner (left) in Kampala. Tours of the Watoto – Swahili for ‘children’ – choir are world-famous, including visits to Cambridge which most recently took in St Bede’s School. Some of the children stayed over in Fulbourn, where villagers have been supporting Watoto for some years.

So it was disappointing, to say the least, to hear a minority view voiced by British people in the 21st century that it was unfair on the children to let them see other cultures as they would be going back to a level of social and economic poverty from which they might never escape. However, to see the children’s’ confidence, it’s obvious that the tours’ other goal – besides fundraising – is succeeding: raising men and women equipped to deal with the outside world as equals.

Christine Lutara: click and scroll down for her comments

Christine Lutara (left) is Operations Director of Living Hope, Watoto’s branch which helps women who were abandoned, abducted, widowed and/or infected with HIV during the war. She told a Sunday paper how the women, and children like Lydia, are taught to deal not just with prejudice but coming face-to-face with people who have hurt them, who might also now be Watoto villagers themselves: ‘if you chase after the snake that bit you, its poison races round faster around your body…you can either choose revenge and chase the snake, or you can choose to live.’

It’s an insight so stunningly simple that it might be scriptural. Growing up around wisdom like this, it’s no real surprise that little Lydia made the Queen, and the world, smile.



Click to go to Watoto Childcare Ministries

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See the Daily Telegraph video about when Lydia hugged the Queen

Watch a video about the founding of Watoto