Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cats at Christmas

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We are all looking forward to the festive season, especially as we have some days off to spend with our families, both human and furry! However, Christmas presents some unique perils! Here are our top tips to keep your feline friend safe this winter:

  • Tinsel and streamer decorations:

    Cats are generally clever when it comes to eating things they shouldn’t (unlike dogs—meow!) but for some reason, they have a fascination with eating tinsel, which can cause an intestinal blockage. This doesn't mean you can’t make your house look beautiful, just keep a close eye on what your feline friend is up to.

  • Parties:

    Gatherings of strangers and loud music can upset cats a lot more than we might realise. Ensure that your cat has an area of the house where they can hide away if they wish to, and ask all guests to avoid this area. Some cats can show signs of stress by toileting in areas of the home where they shouldn’t, so pop down a few extra litter trays over the holidays in case your cat gets caught short.

  • Furniture:

    When re-shuffling the living room to fit in that enormous tree, ensure that your cat’s normal pathways are not obstructed—some cats will show stress by scratching new furniture. Try using Feliway - a synthetic form of a feline facial pheromone, produced when cats rub their faces against their territory, making them feel happy and secure.

  • Tasty treats:

    Ensure that any wrapped tasty treats are kept out from under the tree until the last minute, and watch out for the Christmas trimmings cooling on the counter - cats have a very good sense of smell, and some will go to extreme lengths to get to what they want! Many people aren’t aware, but onions, garlic and leeks are all very toxic to pussy cats.

  • Antifreeze:

    Used commonly in screen wash, brake fluid and engine coolants, Antifreeze (aka ethylene glycol) ingestion can be fatal in cats, causing acute renal failure and hypocalcaemia. Use pet safe brands and make sure any spills or leaks are cleaned up asap.

  • Christmas plants:

    Poinsettia and Holly are both common Christmas plants that are mildly poisonous to cats, causing vomiting, hyper-salivation, inappetance, lethargy and depression. Keep them out of reach of furry paws!

Remember, Cambridge Cat Clinic provides 24/7 emergency care for registered pussy cats, even on Christmas day! We are proud to deliver a stress free, feline only, environment at all times.

Feline Festive!

The Cat Clinic Team

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Cambridge Steiner School Advent Fair

Cambridge Steiner School is holding its yearly Advent Fair on Saturday 24 November from 11am-4pm. Come along for the Organic Café, Christmas Market, puppet shows, children's activities, Gnome's Grotto, candle dipping and lots more...admission is free!

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