Thursday, 27 February 2014

collect Cambridge News token for Domino's Nursery School!

The joint project by Domino Nursery School and the United Reformed Church of Fulbourn to install double doors from the hall directly onto the garden has been selected as one of the 25 charity projects to benefit from the Cambridge Building Society's Cash for the Community Fund.

How much money we receive depends on how many tokens we collect from the Cambridge News and Towncrier.

The first token is printed in the paper this Monday (3rd March) and then each day until Saturday 29th March.

We would be very grateful if you would collect tokens for us, and spread the word if you can.

Tokens can be dropped into the boxes at: Twelve; Fulbourn Library; The United Reformed Church, and the notice board at The Fulbourn Centre, or posted in the letter box at Domino at the URC Hall on Home End, or my house at 78 Pierce Lane before Thursday 3rd April.

Alternatively they can be labelled "Domino & URC project" and delivered to any branch of the Cambridge Building society before 12pm on Friday 4th April.

This project will be of great benefit not only to the children of Domino and the URC congregation but also all community users of the URC hall, making it the only hall in the village with direct access onto a garden and play space, a lovely addition to the facilities of Fulbourn and a great compliment to the existing spaces.

Thank you very much.

Helen Leedham
Fundraising Coordinator
Domino Nursery School