about The Mill

The MillThe Mill is a longstanding parish magazine published by St Vigor's Church for the people of Fulbourn, as an expression of St Vigor's mission "to work together to be a Christian Community of Worship, Welcome and Care".

In The Mill, you will find news and views about Fulbourn, recipes, poetry and the occasional nugget of pure gold.

Many of the articles in The Mill will appear on this blog, after a delay, so that Mill subscribers are getting a premium service. Many Mill articles, on the other hand, won't appear on the blog.

If you want to find out what's going on in Fulbourn and find out first, why not take out a subscription to The Mill?

If you live further afield and are interested in the workings of an English village, or have had a connection with Fulbourn/Cambridge and environs, why not take out a subscription to The Mill?

Subscriptions are £5 for twelve monthly issues - delivery is free if you live in Fulbourn, p&p is payable if you live further afield. If you want to make a no-strings enquiry about subscribing, email fulbourn_mill@yahoo.com, detailing your region/country.