The Blog will be an extension to the Mill, which is a village magazine published by St Vigor’s Church as a service to the people of Fulbourn. It will feature copy from the Mill (but see 1a below), copy that could not be included for reasons of space, and material that cannot be reproduced in a black-and-white print magazine – eg photographs that are best seen in colour, or audio/visual material. Below are guidelines for Fulbourn Mill.

(1) Content

(a)Selected articles that appear in the Mill, as they appear (ie predominantly cut-and-paste) but with the addition of hyperlinks and images whenever appropriate. BUT material from each month’s edition of the Mill will generally not start to be published for at least 7 days after deliveries throughout the village were finished, so that subscribers are receiving a premium service.

(b) Also articles that the parish team might want to publicize.

(c) Details of fundraising events, Friends of St Vigor’s initiatives, events in Twelve, press-releases, etc.

(d) Events pertinent to Fulbourn village, with priority given to charitable/non-profit events, providing that their aims and/or content are not politically-orientated, of an extremist, obscene or potentially libelous nature, or in conflict with Church of England ethos.

(e) Links to other blogs/sites that are “of interest” in an ecclesiastical or community sense.

(f) Articles from former residents of Fulbourn, or people who have a connection to the village.


Publication on the Blog will be on an opt-in rather than on an opt-out basis. Although publication of an article in The Mill will not guarantee publication on the Blog, on no occasion will an article from the Mill be published on the Blog without the consent of its author. There will be a presumption against publishing contact data, ie these will only be published if somebody makes it explicit to me that they wish contact data published. Otherwise, there can be a facility for authors of articles to have communications forwarded to them using the general Mill email address, or the comments facility can be used.

As a further protection of privacy The Mill Blog will not have an attached Facebook page because of repeated instances of concerns regarding private information on Facebook. This is not to be taken as a criticism of any individual’s decision to be on Facebook.

(3) Child Protection

All material from local sources posted featuring children – written, or in images or videos – will be in strict accordance with St Vigor’s Child Protection Policy, and good practice guidelines suggested by the Church of England and responsible national bodies.

Material – text, image or video – with any references to named or otherwise identifiable children will only be published with parental consent, or consent of those in loco parentis.

(4) Images

Images are important in bringing new readers to a blog, but issues relating to consent and copyright can be complicated. I will gain the consent of local individuals in an image, and notify companies if I use one of their logos etc for purposes of backlinking (in my own blog I’ve never had any problems with this, as most companies/causes like the publicity).

Any picture containing the image of somebody who objected to their image appearing would not be used, unless the image could be cropped – to the satisfaction of all – so that the person who objected didn’t appear.

Images of children, on those occasions when they were used, would only be used under the terms discussed in (3) (Child Protection).

(5) Videos

If a YouTube video that might be appropriate or interesting has already been broadcast on TV, I would take that as implied consent that adults in the videos are happy for the video to be posted on the blog, although if possible I would take reasonable steps to verify this. Again, (3) applies regarding Child Protection.


For many people, reading the comments to a blog post is as interesting as reading the post. However, since this has led to difficulties in the past (as in the "LabourHome case", comments containing or linking to extremist, obscene or potentially libelous content will be deleted.

The implications of the LabourHome case were that moderating comments (storing them for review before making them visible) and correcting spelling/grammar may constitute publication in the legal sense and even co-authorship. Comments will be unmoderated, ie published automatically at the time of writing, unless we should be targeted by "spammers" – human or automatic agencies using comments facilities to repeatedly post obscenities, adverts or links to sites containing viruses. Moderation will then be turned on until the attacks have abated. Comments will be regularly monitored.

If you are interested in contributing to the Mill magazine or this blog, please email